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Tore Up Fitness is certified personal trainers who, with the help of new innovative methods, can customize a workout to fit your lifestyle! Starting with the right nutrition, followed by the right techniques, our trainers can help you reach your goals.

Tore Up Fashion is an online clothing store.Our fitness wear transcends health clubs to night clubs. The tattoo-style artwork is just a reminder that, through fitness and the right designs, that envied Sunset Strip look is just a click away.

Tore Up Rock & Roll is "The Band." Fitness infused, shaken and stirred...the hottest band in L.A.! On any given night, this high octane, energy driven band will assault you with a show that is nothing short of a boot camp workout that can be seen or downloaded exclusively at

For those of you who believe that Fashion and Rock & Roll go hand in hand, ask yourself...where would they be without Fitness! Enjoy.

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