I was not happy with my appearance and did not have a clue how to lose weight or start eating healthy.  My pants sizes kept creeping higher and higher.  I was overweight and tired all the time, I had no idea how to eat healthy and I was generally fed up with myself.  In June 2005, I started with David hoping it was the perfect solution to my problem – I was hooked right away.  I had such a good time I sometimes forgot I was working out.  He is easy going, supportive, fun, creative and best of all, he is the best at what he does, which is to help people loose weight, build muscle and reach their fitness and health goals.  He wants each of his clients to succeed as much as, if not MORE than they do!   By September I started noticing a dramatic physical change in my body.  I kept showing up to class and kept having fun and feeling better and better, and before I new it, I had dropped 2 pants sizes!  I had gone from a size 9/10 to a size 3/4 and my weight had dropped from 150lbs down to 125lbs.  I also lost 5 inches off of my waist and hips and most importantly I was happy and confident in my ability to keep the weight off. I am truly happy with the way I look, and I feel I have the inner strength as well as the knowledge to keep the weight off and continue to eat healthy.   I have changed my body and my life-style for the better and it would not have happened without the Boivin brother’s Nu Tae Kwon Wei and Nu Thai Bo Wei workout.

- Cindy